Entry form

The entry form is an Excel spreadsheet. Please note this is the only acceptable form of entry: please do not send entries in any other format.

Please also make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before submitting your form. Send no payment at this stage; you will be invoiced in due course.

It’s important that you fill in every relevant field of the entry form. We want to ensure that your wine is judged properly, within a relevant peer group. We also want to give our judges some information about the wine, including its recommended selling price (though of course not its name).

Failure to complete the form properly causes delays before, during and after the judging and may, unfortunately, lead to wines being disqualified.

In particular, please make sure that the price you quote is the bottle price, not the case price, and that you’re quoting an RRP, not the trade price. Every year this causes confusion!

Click here to download the 2022 entry form

Please attach your completed entry form to an email and send it to


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